Helene Iggfors

Helping ambitious professionals achieve their dream career and lifestyle through 1:1 coaching | Time for positive change | New possibilities |

I’ve had the privilege to have Ipek as my coach for the past few months. Working together has given me the confidence and motivation that I need to continue to grow and move me closer towards my goals and dreams. Ipek always creates a safe space where it’s easy to open up and be your true self. She is very attentive to your needs, encourages you to think outside of the box and challenges you to explore new possibilities and to go that bit further, all whilst having your back. I can warmly recommend Ipek to anyone who is looking for guidance and support in their personal and professional life. You’ll be very lucky to call her your coach.

Scott L. Ferguson

Active Podcaster Helping You LEVEL UP! US Navy Veteran. Real Estate Junky.

Ipek will help you connect with your higher self! She will help you push yourself out of your comfort zone. She is always looking for ways to help her clients Level UP! I had the opportunity and privilege of interviewing Ipek on my Time To Shine Today podcast (episode 190) and her passion for helping herself and others really was evident with the Knowledge Nuggets she dropped on my listeners. I’m blessed to call Ipek a friend and a colleague.

Susan Billington

Certified Life Coach and Founder of Clean Slate Life Coaching ~ Strategic Listener ~ Empowerment Coach~

Ipek’s professional skills and her wonderful personality make her a perfect coach to anyone going through changes, challenges, or in need of guidance and support. She helped me reach a new level of success, by helping me stay focused and accountable to whatever task we set forth. She also provided me with the proven strategies and tools I need to turn my dreams into reality.

Najeeha Amid

Architect | Project Manager | Coordinator @ Max-Planck-Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics 

I never thought someone outside of my industry, outside of my inner circle, outside of the journey that I am going through would understand me but Ipek had. She has the ability to be the one to give you a bird’s eye view when you are in the nest and be the wings to support you in learning to fly. Ipek has an innate ability to connect with people and she has helped me tremendously.

Antonia Schachter

Helping Creative Entrepreneurs Tell Their Story Through Bespoke Social Media Design & Management | Prospect-Centric | Strategic Messaging | Content |

There is no question in my mind that Ipek is a high-caliber insight coach! Ipek is a light in the darkness. On our first appointment, I told her I needed inner peace. And from day one she gave me the tools, and I ran with them because they were perfect for me and my situation. She has a razor-sharp ability to read between the lines of our conversations with her intuitive listening skills. Through her astute observations, she provides compassionate spot-on guidance that is easily implemented, helps my daily practice, and integrates into my life. People tell me I radiate from within. I know 🙏🌈😊, and it feels wonderful!

Colleen Mccloskey

Insight Life Coach/Occupational Therapist

Ipek is an extremely positive and effective coach. She holds space to listen very deeply and guide her clients to their own insights. She was able to hold a space in a non-judgmental way where I was really able to open up and solve my deeper issues and get “unstuck”. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world!

Rosemary Karani

Founder of Life Skills Wellness Centre

Ipek is a professional and excellent as a coach. I got to experience her expertise when I was on crossroads in my personal career journey. She has in depth knowledge and information on various topics that pertain to people. Incredibly genuine and people person. I am very humbled to know her.

Rebecca Lawson

Certified Life Coach & Certified Family Support Provider

I have had the honor and privilege to interact with Ipek on both a professional platform as a life coaching peer, but also on a more personal level, as my friend and mentor. Ipek’s ability to connect with others on such a welcoming, personable level makes her an amazing life-coach. Combining those rare attributes together with her skills in communication and writing, Ipek delivers professionalism with a personable, comfortable feel. I personally recommend Ipek Williamson to anyone looking for honesty, trustworthiness and guidance in a life coach or a blogger/writer.

Nuraisha Ally Hoosan

Learning Facilitator

Ipek is an excellent coach and an authentic person. She is caring engaged and thoughtful. Having clear insights into mindfulness strategies, personal development tools, corporate culture and leadership, she has been brilliant in offering encouragement, advice and direction. Ipek is easy to interact with and continues to share information that supports my growth and understanding. I highly recommend Ipek to anyone in need of coaching.

Nicolas Wardell

Life Coach at Onelifecoaching

Ipek radiates kindness. During our coaching sessions and after them Ipek has been incredibly helpful and supportive. I came out of her session feeling completely supported and feeling lucky to know such a beautiful person.

Halima Mubarak

Senior Sales Manager BFSI

Ipek is kind and available, to listen, to hold space and to allow for exploration. She has a brilliant way of offering safety for self discovery and assurance that one can bounce to their highest potential. She is a companion in the journey to bringing out the best out of yourself.

Diana Boskma

Health and Wellness Coach at Connecting Life

Ipek has been coaching me for some sessions now. I really enjoy her style. Ipek is very compassionate, supportive and helpful. She has a great balance between listening and helping. She has helped me learn more about myself. She is very encouraging about my goals which is much appreciated. As I am a coach myself I’m very well aware of how much impact good coaching can have on someone’s life. Ipek has these skills. I highly recommend Ipek.