What do you want?

We all experience small miracles in our lives, don’t we? Something wonderful that we want very much manifests all of a sudden. Bringing joy and stupefaction with it, while we cannot believe it actually happened.

I am quite a passionate person. In the past, when I wanted something, it would become my main focus day in, day out. I would not be able to think of anything else. Then recently, I have learned, when I do that, what I am focusing on is not the thing I want but the lack of it in my life. And as we know now, whatever we focus on expands, my relentless focus on it (or lack of it actually), takes me further and further away from what I want and manifestation of it becomes more and more difficult.

I will give you an example. When I wanted to have a baby, years and years ago, I planned everything, I have decided when would be a good time to have it ideally for myself and for my husband at the time. Then, it became my obsession and a big source of stress. I tried everything, even though my doctor said that there is no reason why we do not get pregnant, as all seemed to be fine for both of us, that we should just relax and leave it to time.

This idea of leaving it to time was unacceptable to me. I wanted a baby and I wanted it now! I even tried hormone therapy, getting stabbed on the backside every month.

After one year without success, I said to myself; “Okay, I tried everything, and there is nothing I can do at the moment that we can afford. So, I will try and forget about it.” 

Around that time, my husband and I went for a short trip where I tried to have a good time, and I did really. I forgot about my baby obsession, relaxed, got rest and came back home rejuvenated. 

I was intentionally keeping the thought of not being able to get pregnant away from my mind, instead, I was trying to keep myself busy with other fun stuff.  

And, guess what happened a few weeks later? I have found out that I was pregnant. Just like that… So, as soon as I let it go, and stopped focusing on the subject, my stress level went down, all negative feelings and thoughts went away, and my wish came true.

It is good to know what you want and work towards getting to that goal, but obsession is not helpful. Because when anything reaches the level of obsession, that creates the negative feelings of not having it.   

Now, when I want something, I positively think about and visualize it as it already happened. I do not worry about how and when. I just think about the end result and then, let it go. Leave it to the Universe to bring it to me. And also, if it does not happen, I do not feel sad or disappointed. Because whatever that does not happen means that it was not the right choice for me anyway and that a better opportunity is on its way to me… Because yes; “Everything happens for a reason”.


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