You can heal yourself

I want to start with a bold statement: “Nothing happens on the physical plane before it happens on the spiritual plane of existence.” This means that nothing can occur to you in the physical before it is manifested first within your minds and therefore on the spiritual plane of existence.

Our body is miraculous. It was created by simply two tiny cells, two chromosomes that got together one from our father and the other from our mother, and those two cells started a process that formed our magnificient body, full of tissues, organs, blood, muscles, fat, hair, skin. Everything we needed to be a human being, in the phycisal and emotional level. It knows what each one of your trillions of cells need each and every moment, and works relentlessly to provide all those needs.

A mechanism that is this perfect and divine would surely be also capable to keep itself healthy and furthermore; heal itself, wouldn’t you think? I definitely do. Then why do people get sick? The answer to it is simple; when your beliefs become unbalanced, your mind and therefore your body becomes unbalanced which allows for weaknesses to appear where there should be a strength. 

There is not an illness that you can get when your body is in a state of balance and harmony. It is only when you allow toxic thoughts and beliefs to enter your mind that disease and sickness can penetrate your body.

Then what should we do to keep our mind in balance in order to be able to keep our body in balance and health too? We can do a few things actually;

  • Sitting outside in nature
  • Walking barefoot on the beach or in the park
  • Taking deep breaths while sitting calmly
  • Listening to a soothing music
  • Meditating – of course
  • Spending time with animals
  • Spending time with babies and toddlers
  • Watching a funny movie and laughing out loud
  • Helping someone or volunteering

As you can see, these are all activities that make you feel good, happy and positive. When you feel good, your mind feels good and balanced and sends the same positive vibrations to your body, which accepts and takes them as a powerful healing method.

Wouldn’t the best evidence of a healthy mind = a healthy body equation be the placebo effect? When you believe wholeheartedly that the medicine you are taking will heal you, it does not matter what it is made of; simply sugar or real active ingredients, but the belief of; it will help you and it will make you feel better, is what heals you.

Your minds are more than capable of healing any illness that you are suffering from provided your beliefs are in alignment with the healing of your body. You are healthy and you can stay healthy. You are capable of keeping yourself healthy as long as you believe in it.


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