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Change is hard, or is it really?

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When changes happen in your life such as moving into a new house, getting a new job, moving to a new city, a new community, a new career, getting married or having a baby (especially if it is your first child), it gives you some kind of anxiety. Because we human beings do not like change. Changes make us uncomfortable. Even if we get something we really wanted, in case it will affect the routines that we have established within a certain time period, we approach that positive change with a certain amount of reluctance.

I wonder if this might be one of the reasons for postpartum depression for example? The huge change that happens in a couple’s life… Or the parents’ feeling of the empty nest, when their kids leave home and go away to university?

Routines and habits start to form within 21 days of the initial change that happens in your life, this is why when you try to lose weight and decide to go with a certain kind of diet or try to stop smoking, they say; “if you can stick with it for more than 21 days, then you are good”.

Though, some people are much better with change while others cannot tolerate it well. But in general, change is hard at a certain level for everyone. The main thing is how we look at and see that change. What kind of support mechanism we have around us to deal with that change? What are the positives that change brings into our life? Yes, everything in life has plusses and minuses. The main thing is being able to focus on the positive effects rather than negative ones when change happens and believing that it will bring new joy and happiness into our life.

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