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Embracing Uncertainty

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The human mind doesn’t like to deal with uncertainty. We want to know what is on the horizon, what will happen next, what we can expect. Because we like to feel secure and security comes with certainty. If we know what will happen, even if it might be something negative, we can get ready for it, we can start the process of accepting it, and looking for a way of living with it, but if we do not know what will happen, where we will be in a few weeks or months, that gives us anxiety and worry.

Uncertainty involves operating in unknown situations where the consequences are completely unpredictable. And this kind of risks make us uncomfortable, but overall, we know that they can be managed & potentially influenced. Actually, if we didn’t, then there would not be these many entrepreneurs starting new businesses every day, or people making any kind of big decisions like emigrating to another country (just like I did more than a decade ago), starting a new life in a brand new city, changing careers.

Accordingly, one of the biggest challenges we have in coping with uncertainty is anxiety. Being faced with the unknown is scary, it is uncomfortable because we are not in a space that we know and can control. And in my opinion, uncertainty forces us to apply our intelligence, creativity, and ability to learn and adapt to changing circumstances. Embracing uncertainty can, in fact, keep us on our toes and excited about our role in whatever is in our future.

Therefore; we can choose to see uncertain times as an opportunity to challenge ourselves in terms of being flexible, creative, and excited. We can and should choose to be positive and motivate ourselves thinking and believing that whatever is coming our way will bring us goodness, happiness, and peacefulness. Only by being in that state of mind would help us to deal with it.

Never forget that nothing is forever and everything gets better with time…

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