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Happy Family Day!

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Since the year 2008, the third Monday of the month of February has been celebrated as “Family Day” in most of the Canadian provinces and territories. I am quite fond of this holiday, as it shines a light on and reminds us of the concept of family.

In my opinion, and I believe most of you would agree, what defines family is not solely blood relation. A family consists of the people who support and love each other, and the people who can confide in and trust each other. Family means to feel secure, to have people you can count on, and share your problems with.

There are so many examples of families that came together in different circumstances. For example, finding out that both kids of a dear colleague from a company I have worked at were adopted, and knowing her and her husband’s love and support towards those lovely kids, made my heart swell. Taking two little babies with a few years apart, who do not have a family, who are alone in this big world in, and considering them as your own, accepting them for who they are and loving them unconditionally takes big hearts. I felt so much respect and love for that couple who gave a warm home to these two vulnerable kids. Whenever I saw them, those kids seemed to be the happiest they can be while they were in the company of their loving parents.

Another very common situation that comes to my mind is families that have been united through second marriages. Just like my family. My husband has two boys, while I have one of mine. We have three lovely young men who have a great rapport with each other and with us. Both I and my husband love our boys very much and we are grateful for having such a healthy and happy family. There are so many families just like ours, which truly prove that you do not need to have a blood connection to feel like a family. Love, respect, and support make a family a real family. Does not matter who is included in the equation, as long as they feel a part of that family.

By marrying someone, one becomes a part of their spouse’s family too and most of the times feel very much accepted by and included in their new family, and sometimes not so much. That is another family connection without the blood relation. You even end up loving your in-laws just like your own parents and siblings and enjoying a big family in most cases.

At the end of the day, the family is fragile. Needs to be put first and requires gentle care just like a beautiful flower. If we give our attention and love, it grows and blooms, if not it fades.

Whichever kind of family you are a member of, you all have a Happy Family Day…  

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