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What color is your aura?

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We all feel better among people who seem to have a higher level of energy. People who seem to gleam with light, and make us feel safe and accepted. We can feel their energy even if they are not right next to us. We can feel their tolerance, acceptance, and mindfulness toward all beings.

Have you ever think the reason why some people make us feel that way? Why we feel happy when we are with some people, while we feel anxious and uncomfortable with some others? Because, even though most of us cannot see it clearly, the people who make us feel good, carry positive energy with them, while the other kind of people carries the opposite.

According to the Wikipedia contributors, an aura or human energy field is a colored emanation that encloses a human body or any animal or object. And as a result of the aura we have around our body, which is the type and level of the energy that flows out, people perceive us the way they do.

Therefore; your “aura” is the reflection of you. And having a good aura means that you are a good person who thinks good, and does good. It does not only reflect your spiritual state, but it also has much to do with your physical health. The more you improve yourself as a person, as a human being, spiritually and emotionally, the more you open your clogged chakras, and the more you connect with nature, the better your aura gets.

There are plenty of YouTube videos describing how to see one’s aura. I did some exercises to see my aura, and I could manage to see it more than once, and every time I did, it was yellow. Not sure if that might be the reason why my favorite color is yellow… And as a curious person, obviously, I have checked what would be the meaning of having a yellow aura. My searches came up with pretty good results that made me happy to find out about. Though its color is not the most important aspect of our aura, it is the feeling it gives out to others what counts.

But overall, this is an interesting exercise and anybody can try seeing their own and others’ auras. Some of you could see it easily, some maybe after quite a few tries, but it is definitely doable. You want to try? Yes, I thought so too.

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