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Taking things for granted…

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Hopefully, you are healthy, both mentally and physically at the moment, but when or if you lose your health you realize how small and meaningless other stuff that you have been making a big fuss about.

Hopefully, you have a good job which makes you able to provide for yourself and your family, but when or if you lose it, you see how childish were your complaints regarding every small thing you dealt with while benefiting from the social and financial gainings that the job provided you with.

Hopefully, you are surrounded by a loving family and a lot of friends, and when they disappear or worse pass away, and you feel alone, it hits you how unnecessary were your arguments over foolish matters with them while you could have enjoyed the time you spent together.

We, human beings take everything we have for granted. When we buy or earn or win something, when we get awarded by someone, we feel very happy, vindicated, capable, confident. But this lasts only for a little while until we start seeing it as an ordinary event, and not so special anymore. That is when we start to forget how lucky we are to have all those things, opportunities and people in our lives. And, until we lose whatever we have, we do not realize that it has been a privilege to have them.

We should be grateful for every little thing we have in our lives and stop complaining about things that are not important or constructive for us or for our loved ones. In order to do that, we need to be able to acknowledge that life is too short to waste our time thinking about what we do not have. We could survive without them this far after all. Things do not make us happy, it is how we feel within ourselves does. What we get out of life depends entirely upon our attitude. The things that truly provide happiness are usually right in front of us, as long as we can see them.

Because, when we open our eyes and start to comprehend how blessed we really are for having those “little” things, then we start learning not to take the abundance of love, care, safety, protection that are given to us by people and things for granted. And we should keep reminding ourselves continuously where we would be without them.

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