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Vitamin “N”

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Richard Louv’s book “Vitamin N (‘N’ is for Nature)” discusses successfully the health-oriented benefits and healing focused potential of mother nature. But I would like to elaborate on another aspect of it today, and use the “Vitamin N” title, just because I love the idea of calling nature as an essential supplement for a healthy and happy life.

After explaining the title of my little blog post, let me get to the point that I want to unravel today, which is the role of nature in cleansing one’s aura.

One of the best ways to cleanse your aura is to use the energy of mother nature. The Earth emits immense energy as a living, breathing, pulsing organism. This healing energy is a wonderful resource that could be used to cleanse your energetic field, to balance the vibrations of your chakras and to bring balance to your body.

Just being in nature, away from all kinds of distractions such as your phone, tablet or computer helps with cleansing your aura. You don’t have to do anything else. Slowing down, being present, sensing the earth, the trees, the beauty of the blue sky, and taking deep breaths will help with it.

On the other hand, you can take a few steps further and do a little bit more to get the best out of your experience with nature and use the Earth’s energy for cleansing your aura.

For example, you can walk barefoot on the grass. Being present, sensing your feet on the ground, feeling the temperature and softness under your feet.

Or you can meditate under a tree, while being mindful of nature’s energy, letting your body’s boundaries to merge with Earth’s vibrations.

Better yet, you can hug a tree, closing your eyes and sensing the aura of the tree, allowing it to merge with your own. Listening to the quietness and the humming of Earth’s energy.

Ground yourself with mother nature as much as you can this summer. Plant your bare feet on Earth and connect with its energy, let it flow through you. Let the Vitamin N get into your body and your soul. Be one with it.

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