Money is important in everyone’s lives to a certain point. We all work for money and need it for at least to have a decent life. For food, shelter, clothes. But we want more money because we want to provide a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. We want to go on vacation, pay for our kids’ personal and school-related needs, buy a nicer smartphone, have a bigger and more comfortable house, a brand-new car, and the list goes on and on and on.

But it gets harder and harder to save money for most of us as the cost of living gets higher every year, while the wage levels stall. Rich becomes richer and the middle class moves towards poverty rather than upwards.

If you feel like you are stuck, surrounded with debt and unforeseen big expenses, what will you do? How will you get by? Who can help you? You know the answer; “You” can help you. How? Here is how.

Every human being is essentially a magnet. We attract what we focus on. But when we focus on the lack of something, like the lack of money, we stay in that mental state, which attracts more of what we don’t have rather than what we have. And, it is hard to concentrate on anything positive while the invoices pile up, payment due dates get closer and closer, I know.

Whenever you feel like you are overwhelmed with monetary chaos, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale slowly and imagine lots and lots of money flying towards you from the space, or from an ATM. Imagine your whole body covered with money. Feel like it is real, and you already have more money than you need to pay all your debts and then some. And feel the gratitude for having that much money.

If you can do this regularly, at least once every day, preferably right before you go to sleep and/or right after you wake up, and especially, whenever you feel anxious and fearful about your finances, you will see that money will start coming to you from unexpected sources in small and big amounts. You will start feeling relief, you will be more confident about the idea of generating resources when you need them, you will believe in your capability of creating your reality the way you desire it to be.

This is the same for whatever you desire to create be it money, a love partner, a great job, anything. Just imagine that it is coming to you, it cannot wait to reach you, you already have it. Practice it, and you will see, slowly but surely what you desire will come to you. And when you realize how powerful you are, it will get better and better in all areas of your life.

This is happening to me. I am the living and breathing proof of this whole thing that I have shared with you here. The more I focus on the positive aspects of my life and be grateful for them, the more they grow, get better, get sparklier, full of joy and happiness.

And I want the same for you my loved ones. I want you to experience this. I want more and more people to be aware of their power. I am happy even if this helps just one person to get out of their dark corner and start to see.


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