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Ends and New Beginnings

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Throughout our lives, we experience many ends and new beginnings don’t we? End of education, and beginning of work-life; end of being single, and stepping into the married life; end of a commitment and beginning of new responsibilities.

As soon as you have a baby, you can never go back to when you did not have a human being that is the center of your universe and that you adore more than anything.

When an era ends and another begins, saying goodbye to something that has been a part of you and your life, even if for a better opportunity brings its doubts with it. Will I be happy? Will I be a disappointment or a success? Will I get what I expect? So many questions quarrel in your mind. Especially if you are an emotional person.

While accepting the change and going for it, you sometimes might have difficulty letting the past go. Because it is hard to draw a rigid line all of a sudden between you and your previous experience and start anew, but it is still doable. You can decisively choose to focus on the positives of your new adventure, and see it as an opportunity to move ahead, learn new things, meet new people if it is a new job for example.

The best thing you can do would be to look at the bright side, know that all is good and all will be okay. Smile, be happy and head out. And make sure to expect your new environment to embrace you. You are much more than who you think you are, you have a huge potential and you are capable of being successful at whatever challenge comes your way. And always remember; if even just one person could do it before, you also can.

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