The Big 5-OH

Today I am turning 50. No joke, literally half a century. No wonder there are lots of things I have difficulty remembering. Well, most probably because some of them happened decades ago, laughing out loud.

Throughout the years of my humble life on this beautiful earth, I am quite happy with my accomplishments, most important one being bringing a person, now a nice young man whom I am proud of, into existence.

Every little choice we make, every little path or misstep we take brings us to who we are today. Therefore; even though it took quite some time, I have learned to stop blaming myself, to accept and live with the mistakes I have made, to express freely, love and respect myself. It has been an exhausting journey and when I look back, I must admit that I have learned lots of the things I know today the hard way, but I am not one bit regretting any moment of it.

But every time, I am proud to say that, I was courageous to choose myself over others, including my son, because my job in this planet is to be happy, healthy for myself first so that I can reflect the same on my loved ones. Some of you might think it is selfish, but you see, what makes me happiest is seeing my loved ones happy and healthy, then I said to myself; “I have to be strong, positive, happy and healthy so that they feel the same way” because whatever you focus on grows and happiness, smiles, hugs, positivity are contagious.

I believe I have many more years to cherish, living this beautiful life with many angels watching over me literally and figuratively. I feel like I am quite close to my best, ripest, most delicious years. Because the last couple ones have been years of metamorphosis for me. I know it is cliche but I have found my real self, I have anchored in calmer waters, I am feeling more peaceful than ever because I believe that everything that happens around us is a part of the plan that the universe made for us, and I accept it. I am here, now, and I will live until my purpose of life is accomplished.

Nothing and nobody can change that, therefore; my intention is to make the best of it, enjoy it to the fullest and share the joy with everyone around me who intentionally or unintentionally touched my life during the first part of this exciting adventure. And I cannot wait for the more mature and wiser years that the rest of my life will bring.

Happy birthday to me!


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  1. Craig Williamson says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and given us some insights into your moving forward. ________________________________


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