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Year of the Metal Rat will bring Prosperity

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival) celebrations. For the year 2020, the main zodiac element is Metal, and the animal sign is Rat, therefore, 2020 will be the Year of the Metal Rat. According to the Chinese Astrology connaisseurs; Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all Chinese zodiac signs.

It is time to bring out your ceramic vase, which I have mentioned last year around this time with my Happy Chinese New Year blog post, from the place you keep it, remove the rice, take the coins out, wash the vase, wait for it to dry thoroughly, then drop the coins back, maybe add a couple more, and fill the vase with fresh rice while thinking about abundance, happiness, love, and health before putting it back to its place. 

Chinese New Year is one of the nice traditions that I like to acknowledge every year in our house. Exercising this ritual makes me feel safe, prosperous, and positive about the future. This year, it is coming to me with feelings of gratitude for the abundance I have around me. And I would like to invite you to think about the abundance that is the reality of our world. The abundance that already surrounds us. The trees we see everywhere, the millions of leaves on all those trees, the abundance of air that we breathe, the water in the oceans, seas, and lakes, the billions of rays radiating from the sun, the billions of stars in the sky at night. Those are all proof of the incredible abundance we live in.

We have everything we need around us, and most of the time, instead of focusing on what we already have and being thankful for it, we focus on things that we don’t have. And while craving for the stuff lacking in our lives, we miss the opportunity to enjoy the things that we already have.

If you concentrate on what you have, you will see that you are much richer than you think. And the more you feel grateful for what you possess, the more you open yourself for more to come your way.

This year, start the Year of Rat with these thoughts and acknowledge what you have, how abundant and lucky you are. By doing so, you will transform yourself into a magnet for goodness, health, wealth, and happiness.

Click on Chinese Zodiac Animal if you would like to find out which one is yours if you don’t already know.

Gōngxǐ fācái (Gung hay fat choy – wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year)

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