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April 7 Pink Supermoon, Biggest of the Year, is Tonight

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This Supermoon is the second and the biggest of three Supermoons that happen back to back this year. The first one was in March, and the next one will be in May. But this time, the moon will be at its closest position to the earth. Hence the extra brightness and its bigger size.

It’s called a Supermoon because it appears up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than a normal Full Moon.

What does this mean for us?

New moons and full moons always represent new beginnings, but understandably, due to its size, a full moon’s energy generally vibrates at a higher frequency. And when it is a Supermoon, this close and accordingly this big, it multiplies the vibration level that it emanates.

A full moon often brings a time of completion or manifestation. Furthermore, it enhances our emotions. It provides us with the courage to stepping out of our comfort zone and making decisions about radical changes in our lives.

Why it’s called Pink Supermoon?

It corresponds with the early spring bloom of moss pink (Phlox Subulata), a wildflower native to eastern North America, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Hence the name pink moon.

This Supermoon is calling us to be aware of our deepest desires and to get rid of our fears. Very timely with the fears we are living with due to the COVID-19 crisis. We can certainly use the energy of this Supermoon to keep ourselves motivated and try not to be pulled into the concerns related with the pandemic.

This is one of the most spiritual times of the year. And we can use it to help each other. It’s filled with strong healing energy. If we spread it and think of the world as One, the whole world could benefit from it.

Tonight, if you can;

  • look at the bright moon,
  • let your body bathe in its shining light,
  • feel its presence even if it’s hidden behind the clouds, 
  • close your eyes and focus on your breathing,
  • think about a clean and safe world, free of disease,
  • send positive vibes to everyone around you and far away,
  • especially to the ones who help you live as normal life as possible in these strange times, and,
  • think about things that you are grateful for.

To conclude your meditation, ask the Universe, God, Gaia, whatever you believe in, to protect you and your loved ones. Feel the calmness and wellness this short experience brings you. And allow yourself to feel good. All is well, and you are safe.

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