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How a gaze could make you feel better? Braco’s might…

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The name Braco came to my attention through one of Ann Albers‘ videos. Ann’s opinion as an amazing Angel Communicator, Author, and Spiritual Instructor is important to me. She spoke very highly of Braco, about his extraordinary gaze that reaches and touches one’s soul. Also, she shared her personal experience from one of Braco’s “Power of Silence” events.

Even though I was skeptical up to a certain degree at first, I decided to explore it further. And soon enough, I have noticed that Braco had something really special. There are books written, documentaries made about him, people with credentials in science and medical background endorse and support him. Additionally, there are countless testimonials about magical and instantaneous recoveries from massive physical and mental ailments, improvements in relationships.

I have found out that there was a huge number of followers of Braco’s from Europe, North America, Australia, all over the world.

He is from Zagreb, Croatia. A regular person with a regular family. Humble, calm, quiet, silent. Braco doesn’t address his audience by speaking to them, but by just gazing at them. He shares with thousands of people the healing power of his gaze free of charge through his online gazing sessions. He has been doing those sessions 13 times per day, every day since the Covid-19 pandemic started to make headlines all over the world.

My experience with Braco’s Gaze

I have watched his gazing sessions many times in the last few weeks. The first time, I started to cry. But not a subtle cry, I was sobbing. It felt like a huge release of tension. The second time, I felt peaceful and cried again. Though it was a calmer and much less agitated cry.

The next few times, I kept crying. But after each session, I felt better and better emotionally and physically. At the beginning of each session I told myself this time I am good, I won’t cry, but mid-session the tears would appear again.

Only the last two sessions that I have connected online, I could manage not to cry. Which made me think that the tension that needs to be released is not there anymore. I am free of tension, hence my tears stopped.

But every time I connected to the live online gazing sessions, one thing I felt was constant. I felt connected, I felt as one with thousands of people who also connected to the session. As if by looking at the same eyes, at the same time, we would be all sharing our love, calmness and good intentions with each other. Thousands of people from 60-70 countries. Each time the positive vibes flying high to the Universe from all those people at once. A total of hundreds of thousands of people per week feeling the same love and gratitude together and healing the world, in addition to themselves.

Whatever you need the most

Braco’s assistants say that his gaze gives people whatever they need the most. I think it gave me hope, love, strength, courage and peace. And I want everyone reading this to get the same feelings, or healing effects for any kind of physical disease, including Covid-19. That’s why I wanted to write about Braco.

If you are sick, if you feel overwhelmed, if you want to experience something positive full of love and compassion, go to Braco’s site or his YouTube channel. Leave your prejudice behind and look at his eyes. Nothing more, nothing less. Just try. You don’t need to spend a penny to do that. Maybe you won’t feel anything. But what if you do? What if you will benefit from it? Even if you don’t, you might think of someone who might. Wouldn’t it be worth looking into?

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  1. Thanks for your info on Braco – sounds very interesting – will look into his story further.

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