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You are worthy

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You want a wonderful life, don’t you? All the difficulties you are facing to disappear. You want to be perfectly healthy. And want to be able to give generously while having more than enough for yourself and your family. There are also personal goals. And as many versions of the “definition of happiness” as the number of people in the world. Everybody has a different vision board, different ideals and dreams.

But only the ones who can understand the power they possess to creating their reality enjoy the fruits of their manifestations.

Think about it. Everything that happens in your life and flows into your life is a result of the state of your consciousness and your imagination. Accordingly, it’s your imagination where everything begins. Your fears materialize, so do your most exciting goals. It’s up to you to focus on the negative or the positive.

Your imagination is your best friend

Whenever you catch yourself thinking about anything fearful or discouraging, stop, just stop. Bring your attention to something, anything that uplifts your mood. Better yet, use your imagination to create visions in your mind of the kind of life you want, the abundance and prosperity that you want. Know that every image flowing into your mind is part of what you are building in your life. Realize that anything you visualize will move in form into your life. It will flow to you and through you into manifestation. Imagine where you want to live, imagine what you want to do, imagine travelling to anywhere you want to go with whomever you want to go with in the world. Recognizing that everything you want is expanding in your life, everything in your life is increasing. Recognizing that everything you want is expanding in your life, everything in your life is increasing.

Don’t ever do this

If you tell yourself that it is madness to even think about something that you want very much becoming yours in reality, you are telling your subconscious that you are not worthy of whatever you want, that you don’t deserve it. And that, my friends, is the worst thing you can do to yourself because you are a wonderful being who deserves the best of everything. You are precious, you are unique, and you are loved. Everyone in the world is.

And never forget; what you visualize, you actualize and you realize.

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