Don’t Let Your Comfort Zone Become Your Trap

It is summer. I am on holiday, enjoying my downtime. I am resting both my tired body and mind, which gives me plenty of time to observe, reflect, and meditate. My days are filled with mindfulness, and quality time with family and friends, by the beautiful sea that gifts us with all the shades of green, blue, and turquoise. I see gorgeous scenery around me, taste delicious food, and I am right in the middle of my big and cozy comfort zone.

This morning, when I woke up, I thought, “How would it feel if all my life was like this? A lifelong holiday.”

And as the Universe’s response to my question, when I turned my laptop on an hour later, I came across this quote, “Outside of comfort zone is where the magic happens.”

Would any progress, growth, or transformation happen if we lived within our comfort zone all the time? The door to the world of opportunities, possibilities, and discoveries opens when we leave our comfort zone behind.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” – John Assaraf

That’s why, even though I savor every minute of my vacation days here on this beautiful coast of Turkey – Bodrum, I look forward to going back home and starting to work on all the inspiring ideas, projects, and creative work that I had the opportunity to ponder upon during this quiet time.

I am ready and willing to step outside of my comfort zone. Because I know that it is the only place I could grow.

Where are you in your comfort zone? What is stopping you from trying things you convinced yourself are over your head? How can you take the first step to materialize the idea, dream, or desire you have been contemplating to act upon for years?

I am challenging you to do at least one thing you think you cannot do, even if very small, to prove to yourself that you can do it.

You will see that with practice, you will get better and better at creating and realizing things that looked and sounded impossible to you.


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