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Expand the Positive

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Yesterday, I have said that everything you have or you experience today is the result of what you really wanted to happen consciously or unconsciously. Now I will try to explain my statement.

Sometimes you feel negative and anxious, just like something bad is coming your way, and that feeling grows in you affecting everything you think, you do, you experience. Sometimes you feel fear. Fear of being cheated by your partner or friend, or having health problems, or having financial problems, losing your job, that the weather will be rainy on your wedding day. We can go on forever with millions of examples… And if you keep going back to those negative thoughts, they only get bigger and more real. Fear brings anxiety, negativity, immune system failure, mental system failure. Fear is our biggest enemy. When we are afraid of something, it starts filling our mind, we cannot think about anything else.

And yes my friend; whatever you focus on grows. Your biggest fear becomes real. Because you filled your mind with it and as your mind is neutral and cannot differentiate negative from positive – but only knows that it is in your mind more than anything else, therefore; it should be very important for you – sent the message to your subconscious and ordered it to make it real for you. 

In my Turkish culture, there is a saying: “If you say something 40 times it becomes real”. Same idea… Whatever you focus on expands, be it positive or negative.

So, now, can you get the idea? 

What I am trying to say is; whenever you have a negative thought, or fear, try to switch your frequency, try to kick that thought out of your mind, replace it with a positive thought, such as your vacation plans, or the nice car you want to buy, or visualize yourself having the ideal job, living a beautiful life. I know it is easier said than done, and I should admit that sometimes I find it quite difficult doing it myself. But if you can start with baby steps, and play with it, expand the positive thoughts and minimize the negative ones, you will see that your life will get better and better. Because you will be a more positive person, which will also start affecting people around you, how they look at you, how they perceive you, and more importantly; how you perceive yourself.

I can go on forever on this subject, therefore; we will get back to it many times in the future. But for now, I hope this helps you understand how important getting rid of any negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

I am sending you love and light… Thank you.

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