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Everything happens for a reason

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You must have heard this saying/expression every once in a while, and I can see you rolling your eyes and say; “Yeah, yeah, yeah… What’s new?” I know you have heard of it, and I know you are skeptical about the whole idea. But I want you to put all your prejudice about it aside and just pretend you are hearing it for the first time. I will help you look into this idea from a different point of view.

Do you remember wanting to have something badly? Hoping for it to happen? And feeling the worst of disappointments ever when you find out it is not happening? Now I want you to remember one or more of those situations that have happened in your life and look at what else happened after that devastation. Most probably something that turned out to be better for you. So, you did not get that job you wanted very much, but then another job opportunity came up which you were not too keen about, and you had to take it. Flash forward a few months or years ahead; you are happy with your job, with the colleagues you have, the company you work for, room to grow, and you look back and think; “I did not really want this job and I was so bummed for not getting the other one, but here I am, happy and successful. I am glad it worked out this way”

When you look at your past from a very objective point of view, you end up seeing lots of heartaches, struggles, challenges, which brought you a different perspective, a different path, and a different life, which, most of the times, turn out to be good, and even better for you.

Therefore; what I am trying to tell you here is; please do not regret your choices. Please do not blame yourself for anything you did. They all are the products of your subconscious that is trying to guide you towards the path that is best for you. Please do not judge yourself, and do not see your past actions as mistakes. Because there are no mistakes… Everything that happens is to create a new path for you.

Even something really bad that has happened to you and that has changed your life dramatically, might be a blessing. Just trust the universe, or god, or angels, or yourself… Whatever or whomever you want to believe is helping you… And know that everything you have or you experience today is the result of what you really wanted to happen. 

Then you will say; “Okay, so, was I the one who wanted to be sick, or the one who wanted to lose my job, or the one who was cheated by my life/business partner?” I will come to that question tomorrow and explain as much as I can the answer to your (hypothetical) question.

I hope you will be here… 🙂

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