Meditation could change your life

I have posted an article on LinkedIn about the benefits of meditation earlier this year, and I wanted to bring it up here on my blog too, as, in my opinion, it is extremely important. So, I am going to talk about it and kind of rephrase what I have said in that article once again here.  

I believe that elevating the standard of our lives by being a happier person affects immensely our success and happiness both at work and at home.

In our daily routines and busy lives, stress levels go higher quite easily. Too many responsibilities, at home and at work most of the times and too little time to tackle everything in an efficient way is a problem for most of us.

How can we help ourselves? In my humble opinion, the best thing to do is; meditate every day!

Obviously, you might say; “how can I spend the little time I have by meditating, while I have hundreds of things I have to deal with on my plate at work and at home?”

The way to deal with everything in a calm and positive manner requires a change in attitude and habits.

As I have also mentioned in my very first blog post, my new year’s resolution for this year was; meditating every day without exception, and I am proud and happy to say that I could manage to keep my commitment so far. Meditation keeps you focused, positive, and hopeful. It gives you self-confidence, excitement, and a smiling face, even in really trying times. It helps you become a more patient person, with much more tolerance for difficult people and situations.

Every morning I go to the www.balanceinme.com site, choose a meditation that is aligned with my mood, and whatever I need to work on spiritually for that day. Then, I just sit still and quiet, with my eyes closed; listen to the voice coming through my earphones, guiding me from beginning to end. 

I would suggest you do the same… Either go to the site I have mentioned, or download an app to your Smart Phone (Headspace, Calm, Let’s Meditate, Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation, etc.), or go to YouTube, where you can find hundreds of meditation videos. Start with a short one, maybe just a few times a week, not necessarily every day. But when you will start realizing the big difference it makes in your life, I bet you will want to do it every day.

Also, as I always say; if everyone in the world would meditate every day; this world would be a totally different place. It would be a much more positive planet, full of love, full of acceptance and happiness.

So; I dare you to meditate every day, and if you do not feel much different at the end of a month or so (without cheating and missing days), please let me know and we will see what could be the reason for your lack of engagement. I believe most of you will come back and thank me for challenging you to do this regularly. At least it is what I hope to happen.



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