Life itself!

The year of 2018 has been a trying one, to say the least, for both my amazing husband and myself. We both had difficulties in our careers, we both lost our jobs months apart.

Some days and especially nights were tough for both of us. Even though it was quite hard at times, we both tried to be positive, and stay positive… We supported each other, hugged each other more every day, not only heard but listened attentively to each other, became each other’s motivation source, therapist, career coach, fashion consultant when it comes to choosing what to wear to interviews.

It has been quite a journey. We literally forced ourselves to realize how many things we have to be grateful for in our lives; like being healthy, having healthy and loving kids, supportive family and friends, and a little bit of rainy day funds… Some days we were grateful for being able to breathe fresh air, for being able to have a walk together…Small and big things, but always found some things to be grateful for, everyday…

We were grateful for having each other. Every closing door meant that there would be something better waiting for us around the corner. We did not let each other to feel discouraged. Most of the times it was almost impossible to keep our spirits up, but we still resisted, still smiled, still felt proud of each other.

If you did not experience hard times together as a couple, such as a serious illness, or a financial loss, or anything that would shake your roots profoundly, it means that your relationship has not been tested yet. And make no mistake, that day might come sooner or later for any relationship. Then you get to know your partner much better, start seeing them from a completely different point of view, and if you come out of that trouble with a stronger relationship, knowing that you have the right person to stand next to when times are tough, then it becomes a double win. Because hard days are not forever, just like good days, that are not forever either. Life is a roller-coaster, we fall and get up continuously. We make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

Time heals everything, problems get fixed, we find a new job sooner or later, and life gets better eventually. Knowing that you have a wonderful partner, whom you can rely on, and you can trust with your life, is the cherry on top. And having that in one’s life is indeed a real luxury.

As your beloved Springsteen says, my dear husband:

“You are life itself, rushing over me

Life itself, the wind in the black elms

Life itself, in your heart and in your eyes

I can’t make it without you”

Thank you for being you and for standing tall together with me! I love you…


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