What happened on 11.11.2018?

Before getting to what happened, first I want to explain what 11:11:11 mean: According to best selling author, international speaker, teacher and founder of the UniversalLifeTools.com Wisdom School, Simone Matthews, “This year, the 11 (+ 29) November (11:11) global resonance of remembering love falls (has fallen) in an 11 Universal Year (2+0+1+8=11).”

“11:11:11 Gateway on the 11 (& 29th) November 2018 – provides (provided) a monumental catalyst of potential – both individually & collectively.”

“The energy of our 11:11 Gateway expands (expanded) upon the double energy of 11:11 and the 2018 Universal Year energy of 11 to be the seeds to change today in co-creation of our tomorrow.”

“11:11:11 is an extraordinarily powerful pivot point, an opportunity to reflect on the past and be a seer into the future in the present moment of the now. A portal of space to become clear, open and connected as a divine instrument of love. A time to press pause and take conscious action within your life in the direction of your heartful desires and the calling of your soul.”

That is how Simone and many other spirituality experts explain this phenomenon. This is not a scientific explanation obviously and nor something that could be proven. Though this year, on November 11th, the Universe gave us some kind of proof that this energy is real and something physical has happened to our World on that day.

A Ph.D. geologist, the founder of Science Trends, Forbes contributor, and explorer Trevor Nace, explains it in his Forbes article that was posted on December 3rd as follows: 

“On November 11 there were strange rumbling waves that traveled at 9,000mph across the globe, nearly undetected and unnoticed by the world. Except for one person, a seismologist, who spotted the signal and quickly put out an alert to see if other systems detected the same unusual wave.”

“The waves began 15 miles off the coast of the small French island of Mayotte, wedged between Madagascar and Mozambique. Seismographs picked up the waves as they traveled as far as New Zealand, Chile, Hawaii, and Canada. In total, the waves were detected as far as 11,000 miles from their origin, ringing for 20 minutes or more minutes as they passed. It took only 40 minutes for the waves to travel from Mayotte to the UK and 75 minutes to reach the Hawaiian islands.”

“As these waves rippled across the globe there were surprisingly no reports of anyone feeling the rumbling. How can a wave be powerful enough to span the entire planet yet no one feels it and largely went unnoticed initially? Were the waves caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption, meteorite impact? These were questions scientists rapidly sought to investigate in real time as the seismologist community searched for clarity on the source and characteristics of the ripples.”

Even though Trevor adds a relatively scientific explanation to these never experienced before waves by saying: “Scientists have now honed in on a potential answer to the seismic waves, the collapse of an underground magma chamber. The sudden movement of magma miles below Earth’s surface could have caused the low-frequency waves as the magma chamber began to collapse.”, to the ones interested in spirituality and the wonders of the Universe, this extreme phenomenon to happen on 11:11:11 is quite meaningful.

And depending on your tendencies towards science or spirituality, I am leaving the decision on how to digest this to you, my friend.

Sending love and light your way…


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