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You are capable of changing your life

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I know… Change is hard for everyone. We all like to feel safe, which prevents us from going after our dreams. I want to do this but it will be hard, it will require so much work, it will disturb my life, it will shift my comfort zone. It will affect my relationships with people around me, like my spouse, my kids, my family, my friends.

Disturbing still waters, making waves, changing things for yourself and affecting others’ lives by making that change brings the feeling of guilt. OK, you have made up your mind, followed your dream, but at the cost of what? Was it selfish doing that? Think this way: you live only once, and not one minute of your life will repeat itself. You are a precious, magnificent, divine being. And if you feel butterflies in your stomach, an extreme excitement, an absolute sureness that it will be the best thing you have ever done all your life when you think about your goal, your plan, your ideal, then I would say; ‘Go for it”

I am not saying; “Do not care about anybody”, what I am saying is; “Put yourself first for once.” Explain your loved ones gently, let them understand that if you take this road, it will be the best for everyone. Instead of being unhappy in a miserable life, avoiding the difficulty of shaking the boat, take the risk, go wherever your intuition and your heart takes you. Believe me, when you do that, you will be happy, and when you are happy, your loved ones will eventually feel happy too, as happiness is contagious.

So, in the New Year, I dare you, to start that little home-based business, or to end that consuming relationship, or to plan that trip you were putting away due to other family members’ needs or other priorities. Whatever you want to do, just do it! Be brave, you can do it.

I, myself, did it a few times so far actually; I left my home country and moved to Canada, ended my first marriage when I had very limited resources, and now my husband and I moved to another city and started a new life here. Because my motto has always been; “If one person could do it, I can do it too”. I am strong, and I do not mind starting over. On the contrary, new beginnings are good and exciting.

I hope you find your new beginning too, this coming year. I am here for you, sending you positive vibes. And, I love you.

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