Remove negative people from your life

As I have mentioned before, we live our lives only once – even though (in my opinion) we reincarnate until we get to the most perfect version of ourselves, we still live the life we are in now only once. Therefore; I believe that we should make the best of it and live surrounded by positivity, appreciation, happiness, peace, and love.

In order to be able to live in that state, the first and foremost thing we should do would be to take a look at the people around us. Which ones have a tendency to make you feel better when you spend time with them? Which ones make you feel loved? Which ones are the ones you share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings knowing that they will give you the most constructive criticism possible? Which ones support you with their suggestions and continuous help?

Then also think about the ones who make you feel uneasy when they are around you, who make you feel anxious while listening to their never-ending complaints, who never try to see the full half of the glass, who seem like looking for an opportunity to criticize things you accomplished and take away the pride you feel with just one word. People who seem to be impossible to satisfy with anything you do or say…

Yes, you know what I will say: I want you to get rid of those negative people, who are darkening your life. It might not be possible to remove all of them at once or right away, but at least try to remove the ones that you can, as many as possible.

I know if it is someone you are bound to live together or be in touch forever like one of your parents, or your spouse, or your child, it is not easy or simply impossible to ignore, then whenever you hear a negative comment from them, try to answer with a positive point of view regarding the same subject, try to explain that you are trying to be more positive from this point on, and tell them that you expect their support with this goal of yours by thinking and speaking in a more constructive manner to you and to others.

Especially if it is with your child, you can introduce this as a challenge or game, with the goal of removing as many negative words as possible from their vocabulary, and whenever either of you says a negative word, point it out and discuss which positive word or sentence you can replace it with. Then talk about the benefits of being a more positive person to make themselves and others around them feel better.

In this stress-filled world, full of bullies, we need more positivity in our family and community. We need to give more love, hope, and support to each other. We should lead by example and inspire others by trying to see something positive in everything. So, here you go, another challenge for you from me, your friend and positive companion…


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