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Judging others

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We each live in an individual environment, that could be seen only from our point of view. No two people can see the same thing when they look at it from different angles and no two people could be on the same angle with each other unless they are one and the same.

For that reason, in my opinion, nobody has the right to judge anyone according to their actions, as we can never really know what caused it, and what is happening in their world.

Sometimes, it feels so easy making negative comments or guesses about a person or a situation, without having all the facts. Talking behind others’ backs, or even making up things to add to the already boiling pot. But only after being in a similar or same situation that you understand it is unfair. This could happen to anyone, and even to you one day.

Nothing is forever, and you can never take for granted anything you have because everything could change, just like that, and you could find yourself in a perfect storm. And then you start to see clearer and start to understand what that person, you have made assumptions about at the time, was feeling and went through. That is why they say that you can appreciate one’s actions only if you walk in their shoes.

Life is very complicated with so much going on around us. We all need love. We all need to feel accepted. We all need to leave our judgments behind. Our World needs love and healing. Not gossip and backstabbing. Just think twice before making a negative comment for someone, and put yourself in their place. How would you feel? And go from there…

Love, understanding, acceptance and peace. This is all we need. Let us give them to each other. Please…

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