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What can you live without?

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Our world is full of stuff… Our home, workplace, car… We are huge consumers, especially with the easiness of shopping online, we buy and buy and buy. We fill our lives with things that we do not really need.

Remember a time you have acquired something you really wanted, let us say a brand new expensive car. The moment you get it is when your happiness makes a peak, and from that point on it goes downwards. If you need to have a car to go to work and make your life easier, that is fine, but you do not need a luxurious car or a big truck, you just need a vehicle to drive yourself around.

Or think about little knick-knacks that you fill your rooms with. The money you spend on them. And a few weeks or months later you realize you did not use them at all… We all do that a lot, and everything around us influences us to do that anyway. The consumerism is at an incredible level. We get a phone to replace it with the better model a year later, while the one we have works perfectly fine. We do not think about our environmental footprint while getting rid of stuff we do not need anymore, we do not care.

I have a suggestion; when you want to buy something that is not a real necessity for you, put it on a list of stuff you want to buy and leave it there. A month later go back to your list and see if you still want to get it, or if you really need it. I bet you will decide not to get at least half of the things you have written on your list at the end.

Minimalism and decluttering are trends that should be supported, but obviously, the big companies that we are surrounded by do not want us to do that. They want us to keep buying their products. But less is more… When you have too many things, they lose their value, we do not appreciate them as much as we should, but when you have a simpler life with less clutter, you feel lighter and free.

This is a vast subject that I have lots more to say about, but for now, I just want you to think a little about it and see what you have in your life that you can live without. Think about how can you get rid of those things without sending them to the landfill but giving them to someone who might need it, or donating them to a charity, or bringing them to a second-hand store. Believe me; you will feel good… You will feel much better…

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