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Carpe Diem

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“The present is all we have, yet it is the one thing we will never learn to hold in our hands.” 
― Madeleine Thien

People live in the past, replay every second of unwanted memories, or long for something they want to be or they want to have in the future, but fail to enjoy the most valuable asset we have; the “Now”.

You might remember the anxiety you used to feel on the last few days of the summer holiday, right before going back to school. You might still be feeling exactly the same on every Sunday, before going back to work the next day as an adult. Though when you let that happen, you end up ruining your Sunday, thinking constantly about how you feel about Monday, for both yourself and whoever you have with you. Some kind of tension in the air, almost tangible, that makes everyone feel like an explosion might happen in the room any minute, some kind of depressive mood, stressful and uncomfortable atmosphere affecting the whole household.

Or, some unfortunate, unfair and heartbreaking event that has happened to you in the past which keeps coming back to your mind, making you feel sad, worthless, weak. Bringing back the exact negative feelings that you have felt when that event happened, making you re-live it again and again.

Even though you know that the time you have is precious and it cannot be re-played, you cannot stop yourself from going back to the past or worrying about the future. It is hard I know, and even the people who most consciously fight with these feelings and with being stuck in the times other than “Now” suffer from it from time to time, as nobody is a robot, and we cannot manipulate our brain like a machine, at all times.

Whenever you notice that you are anxious about the future, even though you are trying everything you can to get ready for it, and there is nothing left for you to do other than waiting for that time to come, or catch yourself being sad about a past experience that you cannot do anything to change, just acknowledge that feeling, and consciously move your mind towards something that makes you feel good and happy. Enjoy the present before it becomes the past, and do not just do it for yourself, but also for your loved ones who are sensing your discomfort. Try to improve yourself in this area and remember; I love you… Always…

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