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Insight Coach

Give yourself a chance to explore what life has in store for you that you never thought would be possible. Let's form a powerful team of two and create a new version of you together


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Today, I want you to imagine that goodness is coming to you. It could be people, it could be things, it could just be an emotion, it could be the breeze. Whatever it is for you, imagine good things coming to you at this moment. I want you to pull up your dreams and desires. Imagine yourself putting them on a canvass, or on your vision board.

Don’t get into the how they will happen, just first define what they are and put them on your board. Step back and look at your dream. How does it make you feel to have that dream? Allow yourself to fully feel every emotion around your dreams and desires. Imagine yourself with your dreams and desires as if they already happened, arrived and there, as if your dreams and desires come to fruition. Visualize it, live it. 

The universe is abundant. It is constantly growing and expanding. Everybody has their dreams and desires, and there is enough for all. Can you step into the idea that you deserve your dreams and desires just like your sister, your son, your friend, your neighbor deserves their dreams and desires, that there is enough for everybody, that scarcity is a myth and abundance is the truth? You are connected with the universe and all the things that are energy. So, the universe will provide for you because you are one with it. See how powerful you are, see that you are enough because there is enough. Fully feel it in your body.

Connect with source energy of the universe. That there is enough for everybody, and you know in your heart that it is true. And as you step into this truth you see abundance coming to you and to all. We are all abundant, the universe is abundant. All of our dreams and desires can be fulfilled. You are miraculous, you are a creative genius, you are a divine being and you are loved. You are enough as there is enough in the world for all. The idea of scarcity is a myth, we are abundant.

Love yourself, love how amazing you are and know that everything is okay. 

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