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Super + Blood + Wolf Moon?

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The year is starting off with an exciting lunar event. On the night of Sunday, January 20th, (tonight), until the early hours of Monday, January 21st, we will experience a Super Blood Wolf Moon. A long and interesting name right? But why it is called so?

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Native Americans and colonial Europeans always called January’s full moon The Wolf Moon, as wolves would howl due to hunger in winter.

The moon tonight will be closer to the Earth than usual, making it bigger and brighter, and giving it the name Super Moon. As if was not impressive enough having the Wolf Moon and Super Moon at the same time, nature adds a total lunar eclipse excitement to it.

As you know, during a total lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks the light from the sun, giving the moon’s surface a red glow, which many refer to as a Blood Moon. Both the North and South America will get to see the sun, Earth and moon lining up perfectly to show throughout the whole eclipse for the first time in nearly two decades, which will also coincide with the January 2019 Super Moon, that is now called a Super Blood Wolf Moon.

This event also starts a series of 2019 Super Moons with the next ones arriving on February 19 and March 21.

Moon’s activities affect our mood, our sleep, even our hormonal flows. Therefore; a lunar eclipse can have an impact on our emotional state and often affects relationships with others. The way you respond to crises may need adjustment when circumstances require a different approach. You may feel disoriented, excitable or emotionally wired during a lunar eclipse.

Watch this weekend’s Super Blood Wolf Moon if you can, as it is extremely powerful… Light a candle, meditate, send out your positive vibrations and ask this extraordinary and rare moon event to bring you whatever you need and want in your life.

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