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Feng Shui brings you positive energy

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Your home is your sanctuary. It shelters you, protects you, keeps you warm and safe. But, did you know that if you place your household items such as furniture or plants in a certain way, it changes the energy flow in your house, which affects your mood, health and good fortune? That is what Feng Shui does for you.

Feng Shui which means Wind & Water is an ancient Chinese concept that is also known as the “art of placement”. Its goal is to achieve a better state of “chi”, which means life force, by shifting the dynamics between the self and the environment. Essentially, Feng Shui is a practice that represents the idea of harmony and balance in personal spaces which can create inner peace.

According to the experienced Feng Shui consultant Rodika Tchi, in order to create a good Feng Shui energy in your house, the first thing you need to do is to clear your clutter, also to get rid of anything broken, cracked, chipped, not functional. Then comes ensuring a nice flow of air and light within the space by regularly opening windows and letting the air and light in.

The following steps of Feng Shui require more knowledge and effort, such as learning about the Bagua Map, and five elements. If you are interested in exploring it, Google it away, but I can give you a few Feng Shui tips in the meantime…

For example, you can attract a little bit more money into your life with a few quick and easy fixes such as; cleaning your windows, front door and mirrors, replacing burned out light bulbs, tightening knobs and door handles, replacing dead plants, clearing out under your bed, removing objects from behind doors, keeping the toilet lids down (don’t look at me like that, good energy requires doing it), fixing drips and leaks, and placing a water fountain in front of your house close to the main door. And before you ask; no, your mom did not bribe me to write these.

You can at least start with these little steps and see if you would like to go further. Feng Shui brings positive energy to your house and it is lots of fun to practice it too.

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