I want it all and I want it now

When you want something really badly, when you crave for it, ask for it, think about it night and day, but cannot get it or cannot accomplish it, you get frustrated right? You think you did everything you could for it to materialize, but for some reason, it still did not happen. The reason for this, most of the times, is the blocks that you – yourself build right in front of you because of all your limiting beliefs. But, how can you remove those blocks that you have created?

Before answering that question, let us talk about who could do that for you. And you know it; nobody else but you. You are the only one that can remove and release those blocks. When you want to remove blocks on your way to your goals, wishes and dreams; use your discernment, use what you are resonating with, what feels right. You might think that you can dig it out, get to the root of it and find what is the limiting belief that is causing this block. But there is no bottom, there is no end to digging because everything you focus on expands, no matter what you are focused on and in this case you would focus on the problem that is preventing you to get to your goal, which would in return get bigger and bigger.

When you realize this, you also comprehend that you cannot remove it, because nothing can really be removed in your reality, nothing can be deleted, but instead, it can be deactivated. And you can only do that by focusing on the opposite. By focusing on what is working, by focusing on where you do feel an alignment, and by focusing on what you do desire and how would you feel when (not if) you have it.

There are so many people who are very passionate about so many important causes who unintentionally magnify what they are trying to fight against, unfortunately.

The fight against cancer, the fight against poverty, the fight against crime, the fight against war, the fight against racism. All of these thought processes activate what you do not want, while focusing on the opposite and magnifying the positive in return, to be specific; strengthening people’s immune system and researching for better and more effective medications, working towards a safe and abundant society that supports everyone equally, helping with all nations to live in a peaceful world, etc. deactivate the positively intended but in reality negative thoughts. That is how we can stop what we don’t want and start to advance towards what we do want.

Starve your fears by feeding your dreams. Because when you give all your energy to your dreams, there is nothing left for your fears.

In your lifetime,  you had many dreams but some of them materialized and others didn’t. And the main reason for this is because every manifestation in life is about how much attention you are giving to that dream and how you tuned into it. So, try to give your 100%, visualize vividly what you really want, not what you do not want, then sit back and watch the magic unfold. 


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