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Learn to trust in your intuitions

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Why should we let our intuitions play a more dominant role in our decision-making process?

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”

Joyce Brothers

I think we should give a little more credit to our intuitions than we normally do. Wouldn’t you agree? If something does not feel right at the beginning, most probably it will not end well either. The first impression you had about that person when you first met, turns out to be right after all, which you find out in time.

If you feel like the job you are about to take is not the right fit for you, and you feel it even before you start the job, then probably you will not stay with that company for a long time, and maybe should not take it in the first place. Or the romantic relationship which started with a few doubts and some anxiety would be best if does not end with a marriage.

While I was learning to drive, millions of years ago, my dad told me this; “When you are about to cut the traffic and turn left, and you see a car coming towards you on the main road, if you have the smallest amount of doubt about whether or not you can turn without getting in trouble, then do not turn and wait for a safer opportunity. Because as soon as you hesitate, you risk an accident” This advice stuck with me all my life and I applied it to many decisions I have made between then and now.

Intuition is a tiny little voice in our head that serves as our moral guidance. And it is worth listening to! The more you trust your intuition, the more you trust yourself and the better you will become at guiding yourself subconsciously.

Making decisions is hard and we do not know if what we decide to do is the best option for us, that is why, we should listen to our inner voice and if we feel certain, if we feel ready, if we feel right, then we should go for it.

Cleansing our third eye chakra helps us immensely in getting better about reading our own intuitions. And I will touch upon the details of what this means and how we can do it through another blog post soon.

Until then, my friends, try to hear your intuitions even while making small decisions and see how you feel about it. Take care and never forget that I love you…

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