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The Power of Touch

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Cuddle Comfort, Cuddlery, The Snuggle Buddies… You might wonder what these names are for. They are all mostly online companies, in the US and Canada. There are lots and lots of them in many cities, especially bigger cities in North America.

So, what do they do? You can guess looking at their names that they provide cuddles, hugs, comfort, physical affection to people who do not have close family or friends, or any loved ones for that matter to give it to them. Can you imagine what a sad thing not having anybody to hug or be close emotionally and having to hire someone to satisfy the need of feeling loved, cared for and understood?

The cuddlers have strict rules and they never get into more elaborate physical contact with their clients. In one of the sites I have listed above, it says; “You can have high-quality platonic cuddles YOU want. You can be held tight, tickled, gently massaged, caressed as you want. You will feel as though you are wrapped in a bubble of affection.” The sessions cost between $49 and $200 USD according to the length and context of them. Sometimes the cuddler just lets the client lie on their lap, while they caress the client’s hair, or just hold hands while watching a movie on TV together, or just lie down with the client spooning each other. All depends on the client’s requests and expectations.

When you hug someone that you care for, for more than 20 seconds, it lowers both parties’ stress level quite a bit, therefore, if you want your hugs to make a difference for the person you are hugging, and for yourself, try to keep them in your arms at least for 20 seconds. This is a serious need, makes you feel wanted, heard, loved, accepted.

I would not think this might be a good business for any one of the Mediterranean countries though, as most of the population in those countries are quite touchy-feely, huggy-kissy people.

But especially in North America and Northern parts of Europe, in big metropolitans, where hardworking, lonely and stressed out people are in high numbers, this became a business. Now we need strangers to cuddle with to feel loved or cared for. Which is understandable, as the lack of physical touch and loneliness might bring one to a point where they crave it so much that they end up hiring a stranger to hug.

What do you think about this? Do you know anyone who hired a cuddler, or would you consider doing it yourself? Do you know of anyone working as a cuddler? I would really like to get your take on this and any experience you might want to share. Namaste…

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