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Do you, from time to time, catch yourself yelling with a frothing mouth to your colleagues or family members or the guy in the traffic? How often do you lose your temper? Why do you think you are not capable of controlling your emotions and reactions? Even if not always, but sometimes…

Anger is a product of hopelessness, desperation, and impatience. When you feel not heard, not paid attention to, not understood, you start to raise your voice, like if you do that the other party will hear you better. Well, they might, but it never means that they listen. On the contrary, when you want someone to listen to you, when you want to make a point without what you want to say gets lost in the cacophony of high pitched voices, you lower your voice and speak with a firm, confident, slower and calmer manner.

Try this and you will see how less stressed you will feel, and how the response of the person you are trying to communicate will change in a much more positive way. It will surprise them and will force them to listen to you.

Anger is a feeling that does not serve you, your relationships with others, or your image. Therefore; you need to consciously be aware of your feelings when anger starts rising within you, then try to immediately shift your reaction towards a more rational way of expressing yourself. At first, it will not be easy to stop the words before they get out of your mouth, and replace them with more positive and productive ones, but with time, it will get easier, and you will be proud of yourself.

Every time you are about to say something that you know will break someone’s heart, just stop and take a deep breath, while changing your strategy on how to convey what you want to say, and start over. You will see and feel the difference and it will make you happy. Just try…

I love you!

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