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I drink this every day and I feel healthier than ever

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I have bought a tea infuser a few years ago from Grosche‘s online store and have been using it to make my loose leaf green tea for a long while and still do sometimes. But then I have discovered another drink that I started making in that same 400 ml tumbler: hot water and lemon juice.

Last couple of years, it became my routine, especially in cold winter nights. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon, mix it with boiled (hot) water and drink it either right after lunch or dinner.

A very simple drink, and easy to prepare but as I kept consuming it every day, I have started seeing its positive effects on me within a few months. First of all, I have noticed that the fat started to disappear from my body, I started to lose weight slowly but steadily. Then, I have realized that while everyone around me had a cold or flu from time to time, I was perfectly healthy and untouchable by those sicknesses, thanks to the lemons’ abundance of Vitamin C content. My immune system got better and better while my body felt detoxified and lighter.

Also, my skin started to feel and look better, I have been feeling very energetic, without an ounce of fatigue even on very busy days. Additionally, I was observing this drink’s benefits related to digestion through its contribution to the amount of acid I already had in my stomach, making my digestive system’s job easier (one warning though; because of its level of acidity, this drink should only be consumed after a meal and not on an empty stomach unless you change the ratios of lemon and water significantly).

Finally, the cherry on top: it is a very tasty and refreshing drink unless you are not a big fan of sour drinks. And the secret for it to work is drinking it every day, consistently.

I even recruited my son. He has been drinking and enjoying it for months now and he also is seeing its beneficial effects. I must say it is kind of addictive. Every evening, after dinner, the first thing I do is to start the kettle and squeeze the lemon, and I cannot wait to have my daily dose of lemony drink. I strongly suggest you try too.

Now that the season is changing into the spring and warmer days are upon us, you can also prepare it with cold water and ice cubes.

I hope you enjoy… Cheers!

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