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Creation and physical manifestation of your desires

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Sometimes, you form very clear desires in your mind only to fall into the trap of self-doubt and fear once realizing that desire is not yet here. But think about this; when you go to a restaurant and give your order to the waiter, do you ever think twice whether or not you will get the meal you have ordered? You know for sure that you will get whatever you ordered, correct?

You have placed your order just once, not ten times, and that was enough for you to get what you wanted in form of a delicious meal. You did not chase the waiter to ask if everything was okay, had any kind of doubt about not getting your order. And yet that is exactly what most of us do when it comes to our desires.

In the moment that you become clear in our mind about what you want, it is already here vibrationally, but just not physically, just not yet. All that is required is that you stay in the vibration that allowed you to realize you had that desire in the first place.

When you allow the fears to creep into your mind that it might not come, or you are unsure how it would be able to manifest, or that you doubt you are truly capable of creating it, you drop out of the vibration necessary to receive the desire you have requested. There are no desires that are too large or unattainable.

Therefore; all you need to do to receive your desire you must stay put. You cannot get up and leave the table before your order is delivered. If you can remain in that vibrational state that allows you a great anticipation of receiving the good that you requested, you guarantee receiving it sooner or later.

But what should you do to stay in that vibrational state? Find the things in your reality that you are proud of, look for the good in your life, see the infinite beauty that surrounds you, focus on the positive, forget about anything that gives you negative feelings and thoughts. Be sure that you will receive your desire and do not worry about how.

Only then my friends, you will manifest your desires and goals. And it is that simple…

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