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Your posture represents who you are…

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I must admit that I am not happy with the way I carry my body. I do not have the greatest posture and I want to change it for the better. Because I think, a better posture does not only make me look a more self-confident and strong person, but it also is very important for my neurological well being.

Our central nervous system is composed of the brain and the spinal cord. It communicates with the rest of the body by sending messages from the brain through the nerves that branch off of our spine. We are able to move our body, get out of bed, drive to work, play tennis, and so on. The chemical and electrical impulses result in the movement of our body.

In addition to simple muscular activity, our central nervous system plays a complex role in the orchestration of the mind-body-spirit connection. Therefore; keeping it in a good functioning state by having a good posture so that our spinal cord has a clear way of circulation is extremely important.

In general, we do not maintain a good posture when sitting, standing or lying down. Instead, we like to maintain a posture that we feel comfortable in, which is not the right thing to do as it leads to several health issues. Studies are now showing a correlation between having poor posture and dealing with health problems such as weight gain, insomnia, and even depression. 

If it is this important, then what should we do to improve our posture? Here are some tips…

When sitting;

  • Keep your feet on the floor or a footrest if the feet do not reach the floor,
  • Keep a gap between the seat and the back of you knees,
  • Adjust the backrest of the seat as it is important to support the low and mid back,
  • Always keep your shoulders relaxed,
  • Do not sit in the same position for long periods of time.

When standing;

  • Carry your body weight by the balls of the feet and not the toes,
  • Bend your knees a little, and stand straight and tall with shoulders held back,
  • Make sure you keep your ear lobes in-line with your shoulders, and do not push your head forward, backward or on the sides, just keep it straight,
  • If you have to stand for long time periods, make sure to shift your weight from one leg to the other or from the heels to the toes so that the muscles of the legs and back do not get strained.

Again, nothing that we don’t know already, but needs to get reminded now and then… Stand tall and be bold, love and be proud of yourself, and let the others notice it…

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