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Make your wishes come true today

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Do you have a rose plant around your house? Indoors or outdoors, does not matter. Preferably a rose plant but if there isn’t one, it is okay too, any plant would do in my opinion, as what I will tell you now is more about what you believe in anyway.

In Turkic cultures scattered all around Central Asia, millions of people celebrate the night connecting May 5th to May 6th as the arrival of spring. Around that day, people do their spring cleaning, get rid of all the clutter around them. Some people open all their doors and windows for the air, light and abundance to get in. Some people try to connect with nature by walking bare feet in fields, forests, by the water.

On the night of May 5th, people light bonfires, make wishes and jump over the fire. What I have been doing since I was a little girl, was always drawing what I want on a small piece of paper late at night on May 5th, putting it under the rose bush, then in the morning, taking it and throwing it into the sea. Sometimes, I did not have a rose plant around, and I did it anyway with another plant or tree. What mattered was the intention rather than the materials I had.

My wish could be about having good health, a house, a baby, a life partner, a job, more money, whatever is the most pressing need I thought it was at the time and they always realized before the next May 5th came.

Though now, I know that we can have everything we wish for as we are capable of materializing our wishes if we can manage to stay long enough at the vibration level that we need to stay to manifest it.

But nevertheless, I see this special time as an opportunity for millions of people to connect in positivity, by making wishes, by cleaning and airing their surroundings, by feeling refreshed, thinking and wanting better things for themselves and their loved ones.

I like the idea of a huge amount of positivity going out to the universe around the same time. That is also why, I cherish any opportunity for people getting together with the good, happy and prosperous thoughts.

So, that is what I will do tonight. I will celebrate this special occasion the same way I did for years. I wanted to share it with you, and if you did not already know about it, I thought maybe you might want to explore it a little further and create your own ritual starting from today.

Because I love you and whatever I want for myself, I also want for you…

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