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Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Success

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Some people are very approachable, cool, kind and supportive, whereas others are not so much. Why is that? Is it because the ones who are good at communicating positively and motivating others have a higher Emotional Intelligence (EI) level? If yes, then what is EI exactly?

EI involves the ability to understand and manage emotions. Experts agree that this type of intelligence plays an indisputable role in success. It’s linked to everything from decision-making to academic achievement, and it might even be more important than IQ.

Turns out, people with a higher EI level have a better sense of self-awareness, self-control, social skills and empathy. They have the ability to look at situations from a different point of view.

In the workplace, the individuals who has a high EI, are also capable to acknowledge the impossibility for their team members or co-workers to leave their emotions and problems at home and come to work in a happy and joyful state. This is simply not possible, and they know it.

Therefore, they ask questions, try to get to the root cause of the problem and solve that, rather than take care of the superficial wounds. And by doing that, they make their team members feel heard, understood and appreciated. Same goes for the people at home and in their social life.

In my opinion, this is about being a better person rather than being maybe more successful, accomplished, but not much a “liked” person. So, we need to focus more on improving our EI level by exercising an assertive communication style, responding instead of reacting to conflict, utilizing active listening skills, maintaining a positive attitude, practicing self-awareness and most importantly, empathizing with others.

And isn’t it true that the ones who possess these qualities are the ones most admired by everyone, including yourself? I think it certainly is.

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