Love of my life

Imagine a man who gives a limitless love and compassion to his wife. A man who makes her laugh multiple times every day, even when the situation is not much laughable. Imagine a man who makes his wife feel cared for, protected, safe, supported, respected, appreciated and loved.

That man is my husband. He is my angel without wings. He is my everything, he is my soulmate (I know you find it cheesy until you find your soulmate yourself and then understand what I mean by soulmate), he is my rock, he is my lighthouse, he is my partner.

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary and I love, respect and cherish him more and more every day.

And this was my vow that I whispered to you on our wedding day which I repeat again today, my love…

“Now, on this wonderful day, I give you my heart. My promise that I will walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us. Living, learning, laughing, loving, together. Today, I give you the rest of my life and I thank God every day that you are in it.”

Happy Anniversary.


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