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Ever since I have been curious about spirituality and the immense power our minds possess that is capable of taking us wherever our imagination could reach, I have also been thinking about acute beliefs and the effects that fear has on people’s lives.

Imagine people born into a wealthy family, with countless opportunities thrown in front of them. Especially in childhood, they never think about losing all of that wealth and power. They feel 1000% sure that what they have is infinite and forever. When a child grows up feeling, thinking and more importantly believing that the resources they have are limitless, they keep that state of mind and truly enough, they never lose it. Because the strong belief of nothing bad will happen to their finances, and the lack of fear of losing everything they have, keep them at the vibrational level they need to be for a financially abundant life.

Imagine the same person who is very wealthy, starting to think about losing all of it one day and letting the fear to creep in their mind or starting to worry about having health problems. Just like that, their vibrations start shifting towards a negative direction. And as “whatever you focus on automatically grows” is the main rule of the universe that is always in effect, the fear and worry take over their subconscious, bringing them whatever they focus, which is a negative result in this case.

What I am trying to say here is; when you eliminate fear from your mind you become the strongest person in the world. When you believe that you are a magnet for everything positive, like good health, happiness, money, time, friends and loved ones, you get even stronger.

Have this strength help you with eliminating doubts and worries. Find something positive, even if small, about the situation you are in and nurture it, make it your flashlight towards the end of the tunnel. Focus on the positive and good, forget about anything that is limiting you, making you feel stuck.

And in your mind, skip to the end, think of the best case scenario and act like your dream has already come true. Anytime you think about something negative, scary, worrying, just stop. Take a walk in nature, listen to music and dance along with it, play with your pet or a little baby, meditate, watch a funny movie. Just get out of that negative state of mind using whatever works for you. When you try doing this, you will realize that your negative thoughts will diminish every day. You will also see that you are on the right path, which will take you to wherever you want to go.


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