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The dreaded “C” word

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Today I would like to focus on a subject that is not very uplifting, unfortunately, but it is a reality and part of everyone’s lives as we all know at least one person in our family or friends who are dealing with this nasty problem. Yes, you guessed it right; Cancer.

As a person who believes strongly in the power of positive vibrations we generate and send out through our minds, I will say the same thing: Cancer gets weak when we are mentally strong.

Think about this; why some people beat Cancer, while some cannot? Two people with very similar symptoms and diagnosis get totally different outcomes from their treatments. One beats it and the other one goes down. Why is that?

Okay, you might not like what I say now or maybe you might not agree with me. But this is mainly because one of them believed in getting better, winning this challenge, coming out of it stronger, getting every little help from the nature they could in terms of nutrition, clean air, etc., while the other one could not stop thinking about the worst that could happen.

Positivity can make that big a difference. Yes, like the difference between life and death.

Each and every being, human or otherwise, come to earth knowing, accepting and most of the times choosing what they will experience during their life on this planet. A short or long life, a painful or wonderful life. But they are all given the tools they need to improve their time here, and some open their eyes and see clearer earlier than the others. It is about the evolution of the spirit. Some advance faster than others but all eventually get to that same point, during this lifetime or the next or the next.

For example, we now know that positive, fearless, worry-free thinking, emitting out good vibrations and having people in the same wavelength around us, gives us superpowers. Which means that more and more people start realizing how powerful our thought processes are.

Everything we need to be healthy, everything we need to be safe is out there, waiting for us to reach out and get it. Please do not let negativity and fear invade your mind. Believe that you are stronger than any challenge coming your way, even if it is Cancer or anything as bad as Cancer. You are much stronger than you think.

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