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Burning Sage to Cleanse Your Space

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This is my latest area of interest; cleansing my body and my environment from negative energy. And the best way of doing this is by fumigating your space with the help of a sage smudge stick.

Sage Smudge Stick

Burning sage, which is also known as smudging, is a spiritual ceremony that is being practiced since ages by the Native Americans. It aims to cleanse the space we live and our body from all kinds of negativities.

In order to do this ritual, first open the windows of the space you want to cleanse to let the negative energies fly away from your environment, then take a sage smudging stick, place it in its vessel, such as a small bowl or an ashtray, or ideally an Abalone Shell, and light it for a few seconds. Then extinguish the flame by blowing it out, and you have begun your smudging session! 

First start with your body, fan the smoke using a feather if not your free hand, towards each part of you, concentrating on problem areas. Repeat positive affirmations and thoughts. There is no need to use an excessive amount of smoke or to inhale it. Now, begin to walk around the space slowly, take the smoke to all areas in need of cleansing. Concentrate on the corners of the room, windows, doors, hallways, and closets. Especially the darkest corners of your house. If smoke isn’t being emitted from your sage anymore, take a moment to light it again, blow the flame out, and continue.

Smudging helps to;
1) Achieve peace – Smudging your space, home, office, or body provides a deep metaphysical cleansing,
2) Increase mental well-being – The sage smoke absorbs conflict, anger, illness, evil and releases negativity from the energy field,
3) Act as a natural antidepressant – The negative ions produced from smudging along with fresh air increases serotonin levels. 

And the ideal times to sage smudge your aura or space would be; moving into a new living space, starting a new job, after having guests in your house, after an argument or illness.

Even if you think you would not practice this ritual in all these listed circumstances, at least once in a while, try it on your body and your house, which are the most important two subjects that are worth covering. Believe me, it will bring you the feelings of lightness, safety, and a peaceful state of mind. And if you can, meditate right after the smudging session.

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