Don’t let fear and worry rule your life

Sometimes fear and worries about life, future, economy, global warming, government, money, job security pull us so deep that we might experience difficulty functioning normally. I have a question for you: if you knew that everything would be fine and well at the end, would you still worry that much?

Life consists of ups and downs. It does not matter how deep you fall, what matters is how high you bounce back. Consciously knowing, that even though you are “in a pickle” at a certain moment, the sun will shine at the end of the tunnel, the night will eventually end with a beautiful sunrise, helps immensely on how you handle the issue.

Then again, being at the peak of your mood today doesn’t mean that tomorrow will be the same or better. On the contrary, it might be a hard day. But if you know in your heart that everything passes sooner or later, that difficult times are not forever (unless you insist on believing nothing will ever be better), they will come, shake you like a tree in the storm, then pass, all calm down, and then once more the storm will come back. And it’s okay.

This is life, we fall and we get up, we fall and we get up. We learn how to face the storm and come out of it stronger every time, knowing that we are capable of manifesting anything we set our minds on. We just need to have a plan, a realistic approach. Because, as they say: “when there is a will, there is a way”.

Consequently, if you eliminate the feelings of fear and worry from your mind, and believe me it is possible, then the hard times would not hit you as hard as they used to.

Let me give you an example. When you have a cold, you would know that it will pass, you will eventually feel better and go back to your normal self correct? It will not kill you, just make you feel unwell for a few days. It is exactly like that. If you can manage to look at situations from a more objective point of view, acknowledge what is happening and that all will be okay, and this will pass, then you would start seeing the complications not as big as they seem.

I hope I am making myself clear about what I am trying to convey. I am not saying you should just sit and wait, and do nothing about the problems you face. As a creative person, you do all you can to rectify the situation, solve the problem. But be certain, and know that everything will work out at the end. Do not think about the worst-case scenario, focus on the best case. Expect the most positive result, and it will come to you.


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