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Create your reality

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Think of yourself as a magnet, with a strong gravitational force. According to the law of attraction, you attract what you think most. Thoughts turn into objects. If you think something over and over again, the vibrations that it spreads around will attract you to what you want.

The problem is; most people think about the things they don’t want to happen to them. When you look at something you want and say “yes”, the law of attraction activates this idea and brings it to you. Of course, when you think about what you don’t want, according to the same law, it automatically brings that unwanted thing or occurance to you too.

Therefore; never focus on things you don’t want to happen such as fear and worry. Focus on what you want. Remember; you are a magnet. If you stay positive, you attract positive events and people, and if you are negative, you attract negative events and people.

The ones who talk about the diseases are the ones who end up dealing with sicknesses the most. And those who talk about abundance are the ones who experience abundance the most.

There are two kinds of feelings for you: good and bad. Negative feelings such as guilt, anger and tension make you feel bad. These are called negative vibrations, and you can attract only what you don’t want when you emit them. Whereas good feelings such as love, happiness and hope help you attract the things and experiences that you want.

You actually get what you feel more than you think. If you start the day well and are in a happy mood, you will encounter people and events that will maintain this mood.

Wanting something is the first stage of creation, with emphasis on the importance of feeling good. Write down what you really want but use the present tense (I am travelling to the places I always wanted to see). By doing that, you place your order to the Universe.

Most of the times, you can’t say what you want. Because you can’t imagine how it is going to happen. But there is no need to know how. You leave that part to the Universe and feel confident that it is happening right there and then.

Additionally, you need to be on the same vibration level as the things you want. When you realize the importance of your feelings and direct your thoughts based on your feelings in a positive direction, you will slowly see that your thoughts will shape your truth. Go on a test drive with the car you want to buy, go to the house you want to own and walk from room to room, imagine yourself attending the university you want to study at, see yourself playing with the baby you want to have.

The Universe loves speed. Don’t postpone anything. Take action when there is an opportunity. Money, love, people, whatever you want. Initially, nothing may happen. Even if you don’t see anything happening, you still continue visualizing. Life will lead you to where you should be in three minutes, three days or 30 days, depending on how much you are on the same vibration level as the Universe. Because the Universe is like a gigantic genie that can bring you whatever you want.

Life is like a car on a dark road. You can’t see 10 meters away, but you can drive to the end of the world.

Be grateful for every little thing you have, every little thing you enjoy. Wake up every morning and be thankful. If you do that, you will be attracted to things that you will be grateful for all day long. Do not focus on things that you don’t have. Focus on what you have and be grateful for them.

To run and imagining to run have the same effects on your mind. Accordingly, what you think, feel and believe design your life. Imagine, feel, and let the miracles happen. Make sure you feel as good as possible.

Intend to attract more abundance to your life. Many people dream of paying their debts which gives energy to debts. Never think about your debts, instead, target abundance. If you always believed that making money is difficult, change it completely, and tell yourself that making money is easy.

Love yourself. Healthy souls love themselves and those around them. See the positive sides of the people around you. You might have bad relationships and bad events. Focus on the positive aspects of those events rather than re-living the sadness and pain they made you feel. Don’t listen to the outside voices. You create your life by listening to your inner voice and your instincts. We are all powerful creators, and small or big, every wish we have could become true.

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