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Abundance Mindset: something important to teach our children

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When they ask for something that you cannot afford or see inappropriate to spend on, instead of saying no, would you consider telling your children, if that is for your higher good, then it will come to you in perfect time and way, or whatever is best for you always flowing to you easily and joyfully? Especially if you knew that this approach would protect them from developing beliefs such as they must wait, or work hard, or pray hard for what they desire?

That sort of answer would make a world of difference to a child. They would hold a sense of joy at the thought of effortlessly receiving what they desire, or something even better.

You can help them become little manifesters by using this approach.

Though children are not known for their patience, much good can come of teaching them to hold something they desire in their hearts and feel joy from doing that.

Hearing a flat no or you have to wait for another time, without the affirmation of what is good for them is always flowing to them, builds a sense of loss. And with time, it gets harder to take away.

The messages we give our children shape their future

To their young heart and mind, all this mean that the Universe withholds what they desire for a long time, perhaps, even indefinitely. That translates over time to the feeling of if I do not get that now, I will never have a chance to get it.

We can teach our children to notice what they do have and give thanks for all their possessions. We can help them notice the endless and ongoing forms of abundance in nature that are constantly available to them. Show them that the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the grains of sand are endless and uncountable!

We can point out the gifts and abilities our children have. And that true abundance has nothing to do with a bank balance. This shift in focus can create a big difference in their perspective, accordingly their whole outlook about life.

That would help our children to view themselves and the world differently. What do you think? Is it worth a try?

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