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The Secret to Trick Your Mind into Manifesting Whatever You Desire

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Did you know that you guarantee to manifest anything you want by feeling grateful for having it? Wait, what? How would that work? You do not have it, yet you feel grateful for having it? Well, it does.

And yes, it’s true. If you can trick your mind to feel grateful for having something that you don’t have yet, but you want to possess very much, you accelerate the process for that thing or event to manifest itself into your life.

When you consciously take yourself to the endpoint, where you stand with the feelings of joy, happiness and most of all, gratitude in your mind and your heart, without worrying about how you arrived there, the Universe drops everything and runs to make that wish of yours come true.

How liberating is this? Knowing that you can change your path by visualizing the end of the road? Knowing that you are the one who creates your future? And that you are capable of realizing all your dreams? Extremely, right?

And after that goal is achieved, comes another goal, and another, and another. Big or small. And you are capable of bringing to fruition all of them, one after the other.

I live and breath this truth, and ask myself why did I not realize this before. Maybe I was not ready to understand it then, and I am now. Maybe I was not mature enough then and I am getting there now, at the age of 50. Maybe now is the right time for me to open my eyes and start to see, like a newborn baby.

I want to share this reality with as many people as possible so that they also get what they want from life easier and faster. Because it is that simple. Keep negative feelings and thoughts at arm’s length. Let your heart fill with love for everything and everyone. Be grateful for everything you already have, and for everything you are in the process of manifesting.

Please ask me questions if there is any part of this you do not understand or want to learn more. I am here and would love to help.

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