Is Law of Attraction your friend or your enemy?

The Law of Attraction is a concept that appeared in our lives about 15 years ago. Especially when the book and the movie “The Secret” were published, millions of people were grappled by it. Why did it create this much noise? Because it promised us that we could do anything we want, get anything we desire, and become anyone we want to be.

Even though millions of people read the book, watched the movie, learned about the concept, why didn’t many, if not most, see positive results in their lives? Because knowing and believing are two different things. So are believing and applying.

We learn millions of things every day. Information is flowing toward us from every direction. Why do we keep some and discard others? Why do we implement some things we learn, and we opt out from others? Because we are selective in choosing what to keep and what to discard.

Then why we insist on keeping negative in while we can do so much better with positive?

We human beings are extremely powerful manifesters. But unfortunately, as most of us are so inclined to have negative thoughts, we keep attracting negative outcomes into our lives. We prove our manifestation capabilities by realizing bad events. I call this the reverse manifestation. It’s using our capacity to manifest bad things while we can certainly use it to create good things.

My friends Eldin Hasa and Manash Mishra have been hosting the Law of Attraction sessions that I had the pleasure of attending the last couple of Saturdays. During today’s session, Eldin said, “We can consciously create what we want by training our body to feel well, and our mind to feel as if our dream has already been realized.”

I’ve shared the same idea with one of my earlier blog posts that I’ve written. We can trick our minds by thinking and feeling like we already have whatever we want. But the effects of doing that multiplies if we could also manage to feel grateful for having it.

So, think of whatever you want to manifest in your life. Close your eyes, visualize yourself having it and fill your heart with the feeling of gratitude for already possessing it. Do it every morning as a first thing and every evening as last. Raise your vibration to the level of excitement, happiness, and pride. And also, act on your dream, because as Manash says, “The most important part of the word attraction is, action. In other words, there’s no attr-action, without the action.”

Let’s make the Law of Attraction a good friend to us

The Law of Attraction is a part of our lives. We practice it every day without even thinking we do. But we need to learn to use it to our benefit. And doing that is achievable only by being conscious of every little thought passing through our minds.

In other words, it’s possible by becoming a gatekeeper and paying attention to negative thoughts that go through our minds, stopping them on their way so that they can’t travel further. And while at it, replacing them with positive and joyful thoughts.

If we diligently make an effort to do this, the Law of Attraction would start working on our side, bringing us the events and things that we want, not the ones that we don’t want.

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