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Wind of Change

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As of September 22nd, the summer has ended here in the Northern hemisphere. And we have started experiencing the effects of autumn. I am not keen on using the word “fall” for this season, as it has a saddening connotation to it, even though the reason for using that word is to emphasize leaves falling from the trees.

The most significant change I observe every year when autumn comes is the colour of the sky. In summer, hot and hazy weather prevents us from seeing that beautiful blue, but in autumn, haze disappears, and with cooler air, the sky starts shining with the brightest blue colour.

Also, as the night and day temperatures fluctuate significantly, the leaves turn to the most beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red before they start falling towards the end of autumn. That reminds me of the wind of change. The ones who are around my age might remember the epic song by Scorpions.

The future’s in the air. I can feel it everywhere. Blowing with the wind of change

It’s part of the lyrics and reflects how I feel at this moment. Because the ends are also beginnings, and beginnings create excitement.

The leaves will fall. They will cover the earth, deliver their nutrients to the soil. Trees will consume those nutrients, and new seeds will benefit from them in the spring. If we look at it closely, we see that every season is a preparation for the next one. Even when we think nothing is happening, something is always in the works in nature.

Nature symbolizes the concept of patience to me. It reminds me that while embracing the change, we also need to practice patience, just like the nature guiding us on how it’s done every year by being patient for the next season to come.

For that reason, I am inviting you to acknowledge the beautiful rhythm of life. And to keep cultivating new ideas while staying focused and expecting the best-case scenarios to unfold because they will.

Image by _Alicja_ from Pixabay 

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