If you are judging, you are lacking

In life, there will be times when others judge you. They will be a judge about the way you look, the way you dress, the way you speak. They will criticize your way of thinking or your way of acting. It happens, and probably you are too regularly judging others intentionally or unintentionally.

Though, make sure to remember that when someone judges you, they are not seeing you; they are seeing what they lack themselves. Accordingly, keep in mind that when you judge someone, you are doing the same. You are seeing in them what you, yourself are lacking.

When a person is in complete denial about themselves, they often project that onto others. Instead of working on their problem, they try and break others to experience a feeling of accomplishment.

The instant you feel something like that’s happening to you, the best thing to do is taking a moment, stepping outside of yourself and looking in, maybe asking yourself what you see from a more objective point of view. The pictures you notice will be very different than what others detect through their judging eyes.

Remember, you know you better than anyone. You know your kindness, compassion, love, joys and pains. Release the need to falling into the trap of letting others define you. You are you and perfect in your imperfections.

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